Expedia Cashback

Expedia’s Hotel Vouchers

Hotels best deals happen when you’re able to score coupons that are otherwise never expected when planning your trips.  That extra money feels great for the budget traveler, especially.  Expedia has built up a reputation over the years for not only their ease of use, but also abundance of coupons and discounts for various categories.

These coupons aren’t exactly handed like candy, so you’ll need to know the secrets on how to scout for the best deals and where to search for them on their website.

For the most part, searching for you’re the hotel location first can provide you an idea of how cheap your stay is going to cost, but the real deals are going to be hidden on specific pages that don’t show up on a basic search.  Expedia likes to hide the good deals on vacation package specials and time-sensitive offers for hotels that need to fill rooms right away. Join and become member of lessForMe.com and get cashback!

How to Start Saving

The first thing you need to do is to sign up as an Expedia member before you start doing your searches.  If you use Expedia as a member, you will see different deals and special offers that will not be displayed to normal browsers.  Plus, when you do book a place under your account, you will rack up points that can be used towards future bookings.  You’ll need to do a lot of business with Expedia to start seeing free nights at nice hotels, but you can’t win if you don’t play, so to speak.

As mentioned previously, though, Expedia.com has various deal pages that are triggered when you land on a hotel destination that qualifies for discounts, such as seasonal discounts, vacation packages, grand openings/re-openings, and other limited-time offers.  This means you will need to click on and read the links for every hotel that you are considering, don’t just skim the prices.

For those who are bargain hunters and are patient, you will be rewarded if you do your due diligence on Expedia’s website.  You can also find these coupons advertised on outside travel websites who have partnerships with Expedia, these typically offer small discounts, but usually work across the board for all types of bookings.

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