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Shopping Tips

The best items to shop for online are the ones that you are familiar with, just to get a handle on how things work and to easily spot good Aliexpress discounts.  Also, shop by the most popular sellers, this keeps you from having to deal with low stocks, minimum purchases, and so forth.

Don’t shy away from brand names you have never heard of, this is one of the best things about Aliexpress’ cheapest on site items.  You can find brilliant quality products that meet and even exceed major retail store brands.  Obviously, there will also be some sellers who specialize in replicas that provide the closest style and material equivalent of your favorite clothes and electronics accessories; these are often nice enough to fool even the biggest of fashionistas.

Last, but not least, be certain that you fully understand the sizing differences between your country’s sizing and the seller’s listed sizing.  Don’t be afraid to contact the seller about your size if it is something in-between their offerings, especially when it comes to shoes. Want to get 3% cashback? Sign up and earn money.

Recommended Buys

If you’re shopping for some patterned shirts, or styles that are more about variety than outfit set-making, Aliexpress is a shopper’s paradise.  You can get virtually any style of flannel, classic prints, and undershirt for less than $10 each. 

Jackets are also a nice choice for something new, or something classic, like a large reversible jacket, pleather jackets that look and feel like real leather jackets that cost more than three times the price.

As far as shoes go, you’ll find all the latest styles and athletic brands.  As long as you know what your size conversion is, this is a goldmine for shoe-heads looking to expand their wardrobe.

Hats and accessories can be bought in bulk without breaking the bank as well.  Look out for Aliexpress discounts for buyers who purchase more than one item on first-time purchases.  Sunglasses are notoriously overpriced in retail stores, but not on Aliexpress.

Last, but not least, denim clothes are a great safe bet for a no-nonsense item that is consistently high-value.  You also won’t find much difficulty when it comes to buying jeans that are the correct size, as long as you don’t shrink them too much.

Final Thoughts

Despite Aliexpress being a foreign marketplace to most American shoppers, their deep selection and discounts will quickly become familiar and make you wish that you found them a lot earlier, before you made all your holiday shopping on popular online retailers.

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