Timing Matters

Hotel prices can be unpredictable, but there are some times when you can get a reliably better deal than others, which stays consistent across most hotel chains.  If you can book your room the day of your stay, you’ll likely get the best deals, as the hotel is always looking to fill capacity.  Rather than going into this scenario blind, you can utilize apps and websites these days that will actively search and update hotel room vacancies to find you the best prices and deals.

Get the Member’s Discounts

Hotels don’t like to broadcast their exclusive discounts to specific card-carrying members of organizations like AARP, the VA, or AAA, but they do exist and they can give you a nice savings over time.  These memberships extend to many other lesser known clubs, like Vegas has numerous hotels that recognize golf clubs, poker clubs, actors guilds, and etc.  Of course, some credit card companies will also offer extended rewards for specific franchise hotels, as well. Cashback

Continuing off the previous tip about hidden discounts, you should always be aware of any cashback rewards and points that can be accumulated with each hotel booking.  You can get anywhere from 5% cash back to 15% cashback rewards, depending on the time you book and the program you’re enrolled in online.  Just sign up and save money!

Learn to Deal

Some of us may be apprehensive to asking for things, let alone negotiating for deals with intent to land a room that is more than you would be able to afford.  Don’t be afraid to ask for upgrades, as long as you’re not doing it at the peak of the holiday season and you’re staying in the most popular hotel in the number one tourist destination.  Credit cards also come with certain rewards programs that automatically upgrade your rooms when you meet certain conditions.

Book, don’t Lock

What this means is that you should book a room, but that doesn’t mean you have to be locked into the rate.  Prices of individual rooms don’t stay static just because they’re booked.  In fact, you can just as likely save more money before you get to the front desk to pay for the room as finding a cheaper hotel.  Some hotel services can tell you if a room has dropped in price since your last visit/booking, and you can tell your hotel manager this when you arrive.  The same, of course, can be done if a better room opens up at the same price as your current booking.

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